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Pro grade physically tapered solid synthetic filament with PBT, PET, and 5 PA612
MATERIAL: Solid filament with PBT/PET/5%‎‎‎PA612
FUNCTION: Paint Brush/Shoe Brush/ Broom Brush/Hair Brush/Artist Brush
Good Trimmed, Smooth


Our premium quality, multi-functional filament product – the ultimate product for professionals who have high demand about excellence and versatility. Produced with physically tapered, solid synthetic filaments consisting of a durable blend of PBT, PET, and 5% PA612, each brush using this type of filament is designed to satisfy professional specific needs while maintaining the highest standards of performance. From the fine tips of our filament that can hold paint superbly and lay it down with precision, this filament must be a game-changer for quality demanding customers. This filament blends traditional manufacturing steps with modern technology, providing you longevity, resilience, and a high-quality finish for your every task because we think every detail matters.

Product specs:


Our professional steps to package our product to give you flawless goods delivered to your warehouse

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