china bristle

About Us

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Immense New Material Co., Ltd

Established: In 1992 and 2020, respectively, a legacy in brush bristle excellence.

Annual Revenue: Over US$4 million, marking our global reach.

Daily Production: 3,000 kg of synthetic filaments; 1,000 kg of natural bristles.

Our Team: Over 100 professional employees including engineers and 4 QC specialists.

Certifications: We are proud to meet MSDS, SGS, and RoHS standards.

Quality Control: Rigorous inspection ensures the highest quality.

Product Range: Our diverse portfolio includes:

- Natural boiled bristles (black, white, brown; double, triple processed).

- Bleached white bristles, color-dyed bristles and mixture bristles.

- High-quality cut bristles for hair brushes.

- Synthetic filaments (PET/PBT), available in solid, hollow, and tapered forms; Nylon filaments; Polyester bristles.

- Artist paint brush filaments and make-up brush filaments.

- PBT eyelash filaments.

We invite inquiries and are committed to delivering excellence to our valued customers domestically and internationally.