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Mechanical flagged synthetic filament with Red white tip
FUNCTION: Paint Brush/Shoe Brush/ Broom Brush/Hair Brush/Artist Brush


Product detail:

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JDPONT Synthetic Filament – the top place for high-quality, versatile brush filament buyers. Our filaments help you meet the most demanding needs of brush industry, supplying you a perfect blend of durability and performance. Created by a specialized blend of 30% PBT and 70% PET, our synthetic filaments are perfect for resilience and strength. 

Available engths from 57 to 114mm with diameters ranging from 0.16 to 0.18mm, precise and consistent performance are achieved. With a minimum order quantity of 200kg per length, we hope to supply both large-scale manufacturing and specialized, smaller volume needs. Our filaments feature a solid, non-fading, and mild-to-the-touch quality. They are specially designed to be slippery yet manageable, ensuring smooth application for various uses. Whether for paintbrushes, shoe brushes, brooms, or even hairbrushes and artist brushes, JDPONT fibers are suitable for manual and machine applications, boasting moderate elasticity and flexibility for a variety of products. Color options are diverse, with the ability to choose from red, blue, yellow, or purple with white tips, or the option to customize to your specific needs. Sourced from the reputable Sinopec, our synthetic fibers are bonded with high-quality epoxy resin or polyamide resin glue, ensuring a secure and lasting hold. Choose JDPONT for your brush filament needs and experience the perfect combination of quality, efficiency, and versatility.

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