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Paint brush crimped filament

The bristles of common paint brushes have tapered filaments, the tip is triangular and conical, and the tip is soft to the touch.


Paint brushes with tapered filaments usually have dense bristles, which can absorb and lock more paint. When brushing, the paint spreads out with the tip, and the paint is evenly released, and the brushing surface is smooth and smooth.


In the era of diversified innovation and the ultimate goal of cost savings, many paint brush manufacturers will also tend to use more economical crimped filaments that have similar or even better brushing effects to tapered filaments.


Crimped filament

Crimped filament is based on straight filament and is bent into a uniform corrugated shape in the length direction.


When the weight of the overall brush head remains the same, the volume of the brush head will be larger and the visual effect will be fuller if the corrugated filament paint brush is used.


When the volume of the brush head is the same, the crimped filament can properly reduce the amount of hair used and save costs.


Better paint absorption and brushing effect

1) The crimped body of the crimped filament can effectively control the amount of paint released, making the flow speed of the paint more moderate and uniform.


2) At the same time, it can also increase the carrying amount of paint and increase the paint content of the paint brush.


3) When the crimped filament is mixed with the tapered effect of the end, the amount of paint that is dipped and released is more significantly improved.



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