What is Paint Brush?

Definition of paint brush:

A paint brush, as the name suggests, is a tool for brushing paint and an indispensable prop for brushing paint. So, how much do you know about paint brushes? Let's take a look together.


The paint brush is also called the paint brush, which is composed of three parts: handle, main material and auxiliary material. Among them, the handle is divided into plastic and wood. The plastic handle is usually injection-molded at one time; the wooden handle is mainly divided into a log color handle and an oiled handle. The main material of the brush is mainly made of bristles, wool, and nylon imitation bristles and other materials. Accessories include tinplate, small nails and glue.


Paint brushes have a wide range of applications in our lives. In addition to providing painting services for glass fiber reinforced plastics, aerospace, food, ordinary households, etc., they can also paint various glues and coatings.


Although the paint brush is only a small painting aid, if it is not selected well, it will still affect the quality of the paint. Therefore, in the painting process, the choice of paint is very important. Moreover, since there are more than one type of paint brushes, in addition to judging the quality of the brushes when choosing, it is also necessary to know which brush is the most suitable.

Types of paint brushes:

Usually, different building materials use different auxiliary tools in the construction process. In the same way, different paint brushes correspond to different paints. Let's take a look at the types of paint brushes and what kind of paint they are used for.


1. Wool brush


Brushes made of wool are very common in the decoration industry. The paint brush has long peaks, thick hair peaks, no hair loss and good elasticity. With this brush, the paint surface is smoother and the thickness is more consistent.


2. Synthetic filament brush


A brush made of a yarn processed from a textured fiber is called synthetic filament brush because the yarn has a good stretch function. Often used on outerwear and interiors, this brush is a unique paint aid.


3. Bristle brush


Using pig hair as the main raw material, it has the characteristics of good toughness, not easy to deform, good elasticity, high temperature resistance, humidity resistance and so on. When using this brush, it can not only adapt to various humid and high temperature environments, but also make the construction material have an anti-static effect.


4. Roller brush


The paint brush used with the paint tray is also the most labor-saving and time-saving brush available. When the ceiling and other high walls need to be painted, connect the extension rod to the paint brush, and then you can easily handle the high paint painting.


How to choose a paint brush:

If the paint is not selected well, it is the whole decoration design that suffers; if the paint brush is not selected well, the unfortunate thing is the decorative effect of the paint. Therefore, the choice of paint brush is crucial in the entire paint decoration process. So, how do we choose a paint brush?


1. Choose a paint brush with a high-quality material


The paint brush processing materials mainly include wool, pig hair, elastic silk and other materials, and different materials have different characteristics. Before choosing, the first thing to make sure is that the quality of these materials is up to standard.


2. It is better to choose sheep tail wool


When choosing a wool brush, try to choose sheep's tail hair as much as possible, and the production process of the paint brush should choose the single-qi production process, the quality of the brush made by this processing technology is better.


3. Choose the right brush size


When choosing a paint brush, choose the appropriate size and number of brushes according to the area to be painted and the type of paint. Usually, for larger construction areas, in addition to choosing small brushes, large brushes should also be selected, combining large and small brushes to improve the speed and quality of painting.



How to use a paintbrush:

In the emotional world, if you meet the right person at the right time, you will have a greater chance of flowering and fruiting; in the paint decoration arena, what you care about is the right paint, the most suitable paint brush, and the correct use method to ensure The decoration effect is perfect. So, how to use the paint brush?


1. Wet the new brush


Before using a new brush, soak the brush in clean water to allow the bristles of the brush to fully absorb moisture. The recommended soaking time is 10-15 minutes. If you want the brush to work better, you can also pour some washing powder into the water.


2. The length of dipping paint is 1/3 of the brush


When applying paint to the brush, pay attention to the length of the brush dip. Generally, the paint can be applied to 1/3 of the brush. After applying the paint, lightly brush the tip of the brush over the wall to make sure the paint doesn't drip.


3. Keep the brush and the construction object at 45°


If you are painting walls or furniture, when painting, you should form a 45-degree angle between the brush and the construction object; if you are painting the ceiling, the angle between the brush and the ceiling should be 90 degrees. In addition, if you are brushing wood, you should paint along the grain of the wood.


4. Pay attention to brushing back when painting


Generally, the paint should be brushed back during the painting process to make the paint film look better; if it is a semi-gloss or gloss paint, it should not be brushed back.


How to clean and maintain paint brushes:

When the paint brush is used up, the first thing to do is to clean it properly and then maintain it in an appropriate way. Only then can the paint brush work better and last longer. Here's how to clean and maintain your paint brushes you need to get!


1. How to clean the paint brush


Start by wiping any remaining paint off the brush with a paper towel, then place the brush in a mixture of solvent and water designed to clean paint brushes and let the brush soak in the solution for a few minutes. Next, take the brush out, run it under the faucet and rinse until the paint is all washed out, finally wring out the moisture from the brush, and when it dries, place it in a storage container.


2. How to maintain the paint brush


(1) Usually pay more attention to the neatness and cleanliness of the brush. The brush should be cleaned immediately after use, do not wait until the paint on the paint brush is dry before cleaning, otherwise it will be easy to clean.


(2) After cleaning the brush, pay attention to drying it. Brushes that are wet after washing should not be placed directly in the storage container, they should be dried first and then placed in a dry, clean container.


(3) When using the paint brush again, re-soak the brush, and follow the steps of using the brush for the first time.

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