What are the types of building materials?

A variety of building materials are used in both tooling and home improvement, and different types of building materials are required in different areas. So, what types of building materials are there? What problems should we pay attention to when buying building materials for home improvement? Let's take a look at the types and precautions of building materials together with the steps of Xiaobian. 

I. The types of building materials included

1. Classification of wooden floor: solid wood floor, composite wood floor, bamboo floor, composite floor, etc.

2. Sanitary ware classification: bathroom cabinet, overall bathroom, water heater, bathtub, toilet, shower, bathroom accessories, exhaust fan, Yuba and so on.

3. Classification of kitchen facilities: sink, hardware faucet, cooker, overall cabinet and so on.

4. Classification of metal pipe fittings: door and window locks, cabinet handles, pipe fittings, cabinet accessories and so on.

5. Classification of lighting switches: switches, strips, ceiling lamps, spotlights, downlights, chandeliers, light sources, cables, etc.

6. Classification of paint coating: wall paint, paint, wood paint, auxiliary materials, latex paint, water-based paint, nano paint, wood paint, universal paint, etc.

7. Tile and stone classification: glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, whole body tiles, marble tiles, mosaics, antique tiles, and so on.

8. Classification of doors and windows: wooden doors, security doors, composite doors, aluminum alloy windows, partitions, etc.

9. Plumbing classification: radiators, radiators, floor heating, floor heating, and so on.

Second, pay attention to the purchase of building materials

1. Material damage to human body

It is well known that inferior decorative materials will have radioactive elements, which will have a certain destructive effect on the indoor air. It will be harmful to the human body after a long time of use. Therefore, when choosing materials, everyone must Pay attention to purchasing environmentally friendly products.

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