There are several types of door and window materials

     Doors and windows are the main components of home decoration, and the selection of high-quality doors and windows has become one of the key links in the decoration. Then, facing a wide range of doors and windows brands, various types of doors and windows, let People don't know how to choose. Then, let us introduce several kinds of door and window materials and door and window purchasing skills.

     There are several materials for doors and windows

     1, solid wood

     Solid wood doors and windows give a retro atmosphere. Generally, the decoration of villas will use solid wood doors and windows, which can better show their status, but the price of solid wood doors and windows is more expensive, generally 1500 yuan To around 3500 yuan / square meter.

     2, plastic steel

     Plastic steel is a more popular door and window material. This kind of door and window has strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and is very convenient to install. The price is generally about 500 to 1500 yuan per square meter. .

     3. Aluminum alloy

     Aluminum alloy doors and windows are widely used. Doors and windows such as sliding doors, flat doors, and overhangs can be designed according to customer requirements, which can meet the needs of different consumers. The price is generally around 120 yuan to 200 yuan. / Square meter.


     4, stainless steel

     Stainless steel doors and windows have abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other properties, and the surface is bright and bright, in line with the trend of modern people, and light weight, can effectively reduce the load of high-rise buildings, the price is average Around 200 to 500 yuan / square meter.


     Shopping tips for doors and windows

     1, look at the surface texture

     When purchasing doors and windows, check whether there are obvious scratches on the surface texture, especially at the corners, and see if there are any stings. In addition, look at the gloss of the door and window surfaces, whether there are any serious problems such as paint peeling off.

     2, hand feel texture

     You can touch the texture of doors and windows with your hands. In addition, you can pull the door and window hardware with your hands to see if there is looseness. For the hardware, choose good quality and don't try to buy cheap and poor, so it won't take long to replace it.

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