Physical tapered brush filament red mixture coffee for paint brush bristle material -JD028-SF07
MODEL : JD028-SF07
MATERIAL: solid tapered synthetic filament
FUNCTION: solid tapered synthetic filament for paint brush

Main Priducts: 

> natural black/white/brown boiled (double, triple) bristles                         

> bleached white bristles                         

> mixture bristles                        

> cut bristles (for hair brush)                         

> synthetic filaments (PET/PBT, solid/hollow/tapered)                        

> Artist Paint brush filaments                         

 > Make up brush filament                        

 > PBT eyelash filament

Physical tapered brush filament red mixture coffee for paint brush bristle material

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1. Our Chameleon series solid tapered brush filamemt is high 

temperature  resistance .

2. Our products can custom made color

3. Our products  antiwater, better appearance,soft filament.

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brush bristlke for sale

brush bristlke for sale

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brush bristle types

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brush filament suppliers

How we packed the brush filament?

1Generally, our packaging is paper card with rubber

2sometimes, custumers perfer to packed as natural bristle, card ring

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                   Product Feature:

                            > The body and tip is liking natural white and black bristlel The body and tip is liking fish scale 

                              which is near the natural bristle

                            > Good Painting holding and release similar the natural bristle

                            > Paint more smooth and performance very well

                            > Compared with bristle, the price is much comparative

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Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd is a factory who are producing boiled bristle and brush filament 

for brush.

 many customers mightbe think why customers need solid filament, it is for the following reasons:

                           1Solid filament is more durbable and more stiff.

                           2Solid filament is more flexiable

                           3Soild filament is easy trimmed.

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